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Daenerys & Drogon Construction Set Mega Construx Black Series, Game of Thrones

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Winter is here. Build a blazing attack with the powerful duo of Daenerys and Drogon!​
Dracarys! Lead the Dothraki army into battle on Daenerys' largest, and most vicious companion, Drogon. Fend off the Lannisters and turn the tide to claim victory on a truly devastating beast. With a wingspan measuring 89 cm, this buildable black and red dragon is mammoth. Drogon defines the Dragon Queen; her mount is a key asset for the Targaryens to reclaim the Iron Throne.
Build Drogon, then bend your knee! Playset includes buildable, black and red-scaled Drogon, with super-poseable legs, tail, head and extendable fabric wings and a 6 cm tall poseable Daenerys.
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