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Tyrannosaurus Rex "King" 1/35 Replica, 37 cm

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He is angry! He is dangerous! He is deadly! And yet, he is... fabulous! That's right, Rebor is now proudly announcing the second product of their dinosaur replica line, 1/35 scale King Tyrannosaurus rex museum class replica!
Like the 1/35 Yutyrannus huali replica, the jaw of the King T-rex is also articulated; the body of the figure is made of one whole piece with the latest manufacturing technique, therefore no seam can be found to ruin the beautiful details of the figure; a separable diorama rock comes along with the replica, once removed, this design allows the King T-rex to interact with your dinosaur collection, you can even create your own dinosaurs diorama by placing any dinosaur figure under the foot of the T-rex replica and make them become prey of the King! The replica stands approx. 17 cm tall and measures 37 cm in length.

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